The list below is meant to explain the range of people who would benefit by reading this book. The book covers a wide range because it provides a way of thinking and training in dressage which can help make you a much more self-sufficient learner. It teaches you how to learn, teaches you how to review your progress and gives you tactics to improve your marks and how to solve common training and riding issues.

  • Experienced riders who want to boost the marks they get, and have a better way of training their horse.
  • Riding trainers and coaches who are looking for good teaching ideas and methods for explaining complex ideas in simple to understand ways.
  • Riders who have started competing but can’t seem to get the marks they wish.
  • Dressage judges who want to learn better methods for imparting their wisdom to others.
  • Riders struggling with the basics of training their horse and themselves.
  • Riders who would like to do dressage but don’t know where to start.
  • Parents who want to help their children ride better dressage tests, understand their horse better and increase their skill-set.

Have a read of the testimonials, check out the introduction and download the free chapter to see what you could learn with Master Dressage.

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