“If you would like to improve your accuracy, get more marks and understand the basics of riding and training dressage, then buy this book!”

Lindsay Jenkins

International Grand Prix Rider,  British Dressage List 1 Judge,
FEI 3/4 star Event Judge, Accredited Coach with British Dressage – www.lindsayjenkins.co.uk

 Peter Dove has done a great job in explaining the geometry of the movements, and the problems that people commonly experience when riding them. Understanding the reasons for doing them, and how they fit and flow together is a great help in both riding a test that will score well, and within day to day training.”

Mary Wanless BHSI BSc

International Rider Biomechanics coach and author of the Ride With Your Mind Books & DVDs – www.mary-wanless.com

This book is a fantastic concept for riders from grass roots, to those advancing up the levels. We all need some guidance and a plan to work to both short term and long term, to achieve our goals, and this book gives that support and logic to really encourage a thinking rider. It will be a well used book in anyones tool kit.”

Demelza Hawes

International Classical Dressage Rider/Trainer – www.hawesbordas.com

“What the book provided for me was a clarity and structure in my thinking about preparation for competition, both for myself and my clients. It also gave me a new way of viewing the purpose of the competition, which may take some of the stress away from competitions themselves (currently I don’t get out often). For less experienced riders, I believe it will provide a great foundational structure. It will guide them on the best path forward. Even if there are some elements they don’t yet understand or have feeling for, it will bring to their awareness things they might be thinking about and noticing, and in due course giving them valuable AhHa moments. I wish I’d had this book as a reference point when doing my Pony Club tests and BHS stages.”

Karin Major – Move To Improve Equestrian – Rider Biomechanics Coach and Rider Body Awareness and Movement specialist.


Amazon Reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars Must read book!, 22 Mar. 2015
By Emma S “emmatigger”
I have found this book to contain clear and concise guidance on the what and why of dressage movements. It isn’t a ‘how to’ book but is thought provoking about the way you train a horse and how to get those extra marks at a show.

Having read it cover to cover in an afternoon I can now go back and read the specific sections when I’m struggling. I can see plenty of use in the book even for a rider who can only ride at the local school

5.0 out of 5 stars this book is perfect. Thank you Peter, 26 Mar. 2015
By Ms H lewis
Verified Purchase
I decided to purchase this book after reading the master dressage fb page, where Peter was regularly posting snippets of this book ‘in progress’
It is rare indeed to find a dressage book that cuts through the jargon and explains things in a completely understandable and enjoyable way.
As a prelim rider wanting to improve my scores, this book is perfect.
Thank you Peter, a great b
5.0 out of 5 stars It contains an excellent easy to understand look at riding your dressage test …, 25 Mar. 2015
By nicola cormack
Verified Purchase
Only got my book the other day, but have been reading it at every oppertunity. It contains an excellent easy to understand look at riding your dressage test from intro to elementary and beyond, lots of fab useful tips and insights into where to squeeze out those extra points. Love it