Once again I am behind on my blog, I guess there is too much to do 🙂 I am currently working on the memory webinar, so I probably won’t get a proper addition to the blog until after Friday.



One of the downsides to writing and paying bills is that one spend too much time sat ones backside! Over the last week I have been riding everyday in an attempt to regain my fitness and start competing again. Needless to say its hard to fit in the time.
Some of the interesting side effects of lack of fitness include more difficulty in controlling tempo and keeping the horse balanced and engaging it’s hindquarters. With too little tone, the horse can start to control the speed of the legs. If that happens then impulsion or engagement is impossible to pattern into the horse.

Roll on fitness!


Wow, I am sore everywhere! After doing an insane workout on Sunday, then standing up all day with cameras on Monday, I am stiff all over today. I did summon up the energy to ride Tinker, who went OK but I need to do some further work on her developing the trot balance. Things should improve pretty well over the next few days.

Got a maths assignment to hand in, and all the usual Master Dressage book signing and posting.


British competition day here so pretty busy all day.

Now I am preparing for the webinar tomorrow and getting all my camera gear ready to go and film a groundwork clinic at Mary’s. More on that coming soon!

Also… I say this with a little bit of fear, I am starting the insanity fitness programme to get myself ready for competing!

Talk to you all tomorrow on the webinar.


Long day away from East Soley, but arrived back in time to watch Milly riding Tinker very nicely. Tinker is an intro level horse and is just starting work on canter. I help Milly out occasionally by sitting on the horse and straightening out any issues, which in Tinkers case usually is getting a little on the forehand and a little rolling off to the right. However with all the fine weather I have been able to ride more often in the evenings and it is starting to pay off.

Kudos to Emma too, who has been lungeing Tinker to get improve her when we can’t ride.


So much for a daily blog! The week flew past with the usual 2am bed times and up again at 7am. There is so much going on at the moment and so much to prepare. Hoping tomorrow to shoot some footage for the new DVD coming in June.

Rode today to for a short while. Was really pleased with Tinker, as she was a lot straighter, and we started to get a little lift in the trot. She has been a little flat of late as we hadn’t put the work into her.

Had fun too designing a new logo.



Had a super time filming the Stirrup length DVD, took about 3 hours to edit and put up on Facebook but was well worth the effort. The video has been viewed over 2000 times and is getting a lot of attention. You can view it at


Today is Good Friday, and I already have a very busy weekend lined up with competitions and book signing. Today is mostly about the book signing, teaching and a little bit of shopping. Looking forward to teaching  a little later and will update this blog a little later in the day.